GUATEMALA [medium roast]

GUATEMALA [medium roast]

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340 g  |  12 oz

Full-bodied and creamy with flavours of almonds and dark chocolate

This coffee was grown on a farm called Finca El Tambor, owned by Victor Calderon and his family. Victor is a 5th generation coffee producer. The farm was founded in 1930 as a cattle ranch and was converted to coffee by the previous owner in 1966. The Calderon family purchased the farm in 2001.

The Calderon family uses only organic practices without chemicals. El Tambor also produces excellent honey, and a protected area of avocado trees and natural forest make up one quarter of the land. The rich canopy of trees forms a haven for butterflies as they pass through on their migration route.

The Calderon family gives their workers 10% of their property to plant black beans and corn, which represents 80% of their annual food supply. They also support their workers with other special projects such as the production of fish, giving one cow per family, construction of their houses, etc.

Due to its well-balanced flavour, Guatemala coffee has popular appeal, especially as a first step into the world of specialty coffee.