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COSTA RICA [medium roast]

COSTA RICA [medium roast]

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Roasted on June 5th

Clean and sweet with flavours of orange, chocolate and toffee

This microlot white honey process coffee comes from Cerro San Luis Micromill, a family business run by two siblings and their spouses. They own and operate two farms and a small mill in Grecia in the West Valley.

Freshly harvested and sorted cherries are delivered to the mill and promptly depulped, leaving a very thin layer (10-20%) of mucilage on the beans. After this, the coffee is placed directly onto raised beds in the sun for a few days and then transferred to a covered patio where it is turned regularly until the drying process is complete.

Honey processing was developed in Costa Rica after an earthquake, which led to extreme water shortages and strict, government-imposed water conservation measures. With less water available, coffee farmers had to find a way to continue producing coffee beans. The farmers found that this processing method resulted in sweeter tasting coffees with more body and lower acidity.

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