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GUATEMALA [medium-dark roast]

GUATEMALA [medium-dark roast]

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Roasted on May 15th

Full-bodied and smooth with flavours of nuts and dark chocolate

This is our bestseller! Due to its well-balanced flavour, Guatemala coffee has popular appeal, especially as a first step into the world of specialty coffee.

Grown at an altitude of 1,400 to 2,200 MASL, this Regional Select Waykan coffee comes from various smallholder producers in the Huehuetenango region – one of the most famous coffee growing regions in Guatemala. This region is extremely diverse and known for producing some of the best coffees in Latin America due to its climate, altitude, water sources, and traditional varieties.

The indigenous population in and around Huehuetenango plays a large role in the coffee production, and coffee accounts either directly or indirectly for roughly 80 percent of the local economy.

In the regional Maya Q’qnjobal dialect, Waykan means “star, or light that shines in the sky at night.”

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